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Prototyping and express services

Our highly modern equipped department for prototyping and quick services will ensure that your parts and products that are manufactured form single parts to medium runs, in a very short time.

Prototyping and/or sampling is an important step by implementing new projects.

Our Prototyping and Express Services Department will guarantee complex service in this regard. It is a qualified, experienced and independent team comprising both direct and indirect employees, featuring dedicated and optimally equipped machine park

Letting us to produce your prototype, you get a possibility of checking if your ideas and assumptions are correct. By having a sample you can verify Addit’s quality performance with verifying production process at the same time, because a sample in contrast to prototype is always produced in the same way as in serial process with using the same tooling. This is the difference between prototype and sample.

Having an idea or concept is enough. Thanks to using possibilities of Addit’s Prototyping Department, you can verify constructional assumptions made on the designing stage as well as the functionality of a product. Moreover, our employees from Construction and Prototyping Department will advise what kind of raw material will prove the best and which production process applies to achieve the most optimal end effect.

These obtained in a short time and with the highest flexibility, both in terms of service quality and quality of the products. If your products are designed to be produced form standard and available raw material, we are able to manufacture and deliver them e.g. to Germany, even within 48 hours. When necessary, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always at your disposal.

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